5 Must Do’s If You’re Visiting Banyuwangi

If a visit to Banyuwangi has made it on your list of places to go, then you have created a perfect option. House to mountains that are amazing and its craters, in addition to national parks to research, Banyuwangi surely won’t disappoint the traveler in you. Below we have listed five of the must do’s while you are in Banyuwangi.

  1. See the blue flames of Ijen Crater

Starting from the listing is Scaling Ijen Mountain climb, where you can delight in the sight of blue fires onto its crater. The flame is a reaction brought on by combustion between sulfur that comes in contact with the atmosphere. The climb to Ijen is quite hard, but the view from the top of the peak is very rewarding. Try to catch a glimpse of the blue fires is an essential task as it requires a strenuous work to climb, and the flames do not happen daily. Additionally, you have to leave around midnight and arrive on the crater area early dawn to determine just how spectacular it truly is.

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  1. Safari in Meru Betiri National Park

Meru Betiri National Park is a natural woods said to be home to the supposedly extinct Javan Tiger (a current survey indicates that the species might still be alive). The park has several beautiful places to roam around and is also home to Sukamade Beach, a lovely beach used for turtle conservation. If you are a nature enthusiast, you will enjoy exploring this park as it is quite an experience. Quite a few tour groups provide overnight and day trip that usually includes a vehicle and a driver which is going to become your guide.

  1. Become one with nature in Alas Purwo National Park

There are a Whole Lot of puzzles and Ghost stories about Alas Purwo National Park, but the park is much more than that. The 434 km2 park is made up of mangroves, savanna, lowland monsoon forests, and coral-fringed beaches. It’s home to the endangered Javanese Bull or banteng. It is also possible to get an opportunity to see other exotic animals such as Javan langur, green peafowl, red junglefowl, hawksbill turtle, and the elusive leopard kitty.

  1. Surf’s up at G-land

G-Land or Plengkung Beach is located within Alas Purwo National Park. It is famous among local and world-class surfers, but less famous among casual travelers. The shape of the beach gives it maximum exposure to the wind, causing amazing waves that could rise around 2-4 meters high. There are several surf camps in the area for you to understand how to browse or you can connect with other surfers that are surfing all day. G-Land is most commonly reached by boat charter from Bali however you might also spend the road from Alas Purwo from Banyuwangi.

  1. History lesson at Pura Agung Blambangan

Pura Agung Blambangan is a sacred and religious temple for the Hindus. The Construction was made throughout the Blambangan dynasty and is a remarkably favorite spot Among Hindu worshippers. It’s also the second largest Pura in the island of Java after and during holidays, lively festivals are held in this region. If you are interested in learning about the background of Banyuwangi, then this is a place to view, just be sure you wear appropriate clothes, as it is a holy location.